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This is a program for an introductory Flash course. It is based on my Webanimation (Flash) course at Webster University, Geneva. This is not the official syllabus nor the official program. See the (closed) Worldclassroom (Blackboard).

Major topics (roughly)
  1. Know the organization and tools of the Macromedia CS6 Flash Desktop
  2. Create simple drawings
  3. Manipulation of graphics (e.g. envelope transforms, color gradients)
  4. Creating and using layers
  5. Use of embedded movie clips
  6. Frame-by-frame, motion and shape animations
  7. Making use of non-Flash media files (graphics, sound and video)
  8. Interactivity in Flash, e.g. use of buttons, button components and some action script

Weekly programs


Weekly programs (including homework, exams and term project)

Teaching materials

Also look at each weekly program !

Teaching materials
Reference and overviews
External resources