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Week 6

Main theme: Using the Flash video playback component and creating "augmented" videos


Term project Q/A


  • Using the FLV Video playback component
  • Encoding and editing video files with the Flash Media Encoder



Using the ActionScript panel (if time left)



  • Importing video to a timeline
  • Defining cue points
  • Dealing with cue points (jumping to cue points, using events generated by cue points to play movie clips)
  • Captions and the captioning component (if time left)



Classroom activity:

Homework 6 - Week 6


Create a flash file that includes a video and add some augmented elements, for example "interactions" between the video and the user. You can choose among several options:

  1. Embed the video into the timeline and add animations and/or buttons. This is probably the easiest option, but make sure that your video is both short in duration (less than a minute) and small (low quality). Each frame in the video will become a picture ...
  2. Use cue points to generate events (more difficult, but more "real life" option).
  3. Add captions (text messages) to a video

For each of these options, there is an example or two you can download from the Flash augmented video tutorial or the Flash video captions tutorial

Reuse of prior homework
  • If you wish you may reuse artwork and animations from previous homework (in any way you like). But this is by no means an obligation nor does it have an influence on grading. However, make sure to improve drawing, animation, navigation etc. if you didn't get a top grade for previous work. Adding just some sound and a button to a not so well done prior homework will not get you a very good grade.
Submission date and format
  • To be returned by Monday, at start of week 7 lesson
Other constraints
  • Reuse of artwork and movie clips: 1/3 must be drawn by yourself, max. 1/3 imported but customized, max. 1/3 imported as is. (So you also can do everything by yourself).
  • There is no restriction on the subject, e.g. you can do a slide show or motion/shape/frame animations.
  • You can import sound and video from any source (so the 1/3 rule doesn't apply for the video).
  • You must fill in a document description using the same template as for prior homeowrk.
  • Homework projects are individual. If you work with others, make sure that the individual projects differ, i.e. the "reuse of objects" criteria above apply.
  • Your *.fla should be error free.
Evaluation criteria - bonus and malus points

As usual.