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The document description for a COAP 2110 homework

Your p1-xxx-xxx.fla file must include a document description.

  • Use menu File->File Info
  • Fill in Document Title, Author, Description

Description contents:

  • You may first cut/paste the template below into a notepad and edit, then paste contents to Flash.
  • Please keep the titles surrounded by "===" and use "*" for bullets as in the example that follows.

Cut/paste this template:

=== Author and Date ===

=== Objectives ===
=== Production steps (summary) ===
=== Difficulties and self-evaluation ===
=== Credits and bibliography ===

Make sure to define real objectives:

  • Bad: I want to learn shape tweening and play around with Flash technology
  • Good: This Flash movie targets persons playing first person shooters. It should be inserted in a web page that aims to ....


=== Author and Date ===
Daniel K. Schneider, sept 1 2007.

=== Objectives ===

A flying rocket that I could insert on top of a web page that will sell toys in order to give it a feel of dynamism.
It should be flaming, not just moving.
=== Production steps (summary) ===

* Copied a rocket in SVG from the Internet
* Made a frame-by-frame animation with 4 frames
* I broke apart the rocket and changed size and shape of the flames
* Saved this animation as a *.swf file
* Imported the rocket to a new file
* Made the rocket smaller and turned it with the transform tool
* Changed background to blue
* Made a motion tween from right to left (rocket will enter and leave the stage)
=== Difficulties and self-evaluation ===
* I didn't find this difficult.
* Please teach me how to stop the animation.
* I am quite happy with the result, but I think that the flame animation could be improved,
  i.e. the flames are hard to see in the motion animation.

=== Credits and bibliography ===

* Rocket:
* I just used the handouts and textbook