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Final exam COAP 2110

The final exam will focus on interactivity and animation. You will receive a *.fla file to complete/repair. It will be similar in spirit to the mid-term exam.


Prepare for the following subjects

(1) Mid-term exam requirements
(2) Buttons
  • Using library *.fla buttons (just change the label)
  • Making your own buttons from simple (!) drawings (including drawings for the different button states)
  • Using button components (label, change of width)
(3) Videos and Sound
  • Sound embedded into the timeline
  • Videos embedded into the timeline
  • Simple use of the video component
(4) ActionScript
  • Simple event handling functions and registration of mouse click events

Example code:

// timeline moving
function forward(event:MouseEvent) { gotoAndStop(2); }

// Play an embedded movie clip
function start_kite(event:MouseEvent) {;

You then should be able to master following simple ActionScript "instructions":

  • Change the visibility of an object on the stage
  • Move an object
  • Play and stop an embedded movie clip
  • play and stop the animation in the timeline
  • Move the user around in the timeline

Example code for object manipulation

cat.visible = true;
cat.visible = false;

cat.x = 100;
cat.y += 50;


Example code for timeline animations



(5) Basic inverse kinematics

  • (to be confirmed)

Do not forget to revise the subjects from the previous exam (basic drawing and animation principles) !

Not covered in the exam

  • ActionScript program flow (e.g. complicated if and switch statements, loops, etc.)
  • Special effects
  • Classic motion tweens
  • Video captions and Video cue points
  • Loading of external sources other than video.
  • Keypress events

Preparation examples

Warning: The final will be similar in spirit, however we will not test classic motion tweens !

Preparation example 2007

You can try to solve the 2007 exam, i.e. solve the following problems:

  • Frame 1 (home): Buttons should not lead you to frame 1 (home), but to the various other keyframes. Also add your name.
  • Frame 2 (Sailing): (a) Play the tween animation of boat with the 'what's going on here' button. (b) BONUS Point: Create and play a motion animation of a plane.
  • Frame 3 (Driving): (a) Create an animation that will start moving the car from right to left and slightly forward too (i.e. keep it on the road). To animate the car edit the 'old car' symbol and make it a motion tween. Then link it to the what's going on here button (b) BONUS Point: Do something with the yellow car.
  • Frame 4 (Island): (a) Make the trees visible when the user clicks on the what's going on button. (b) BONUS point: Improve the frame-by-frame animation of the big tree.
  • Frame 5 (Rocket): (a) Write code that will launch the rocket. (b) BONUS: Do something with the snakes

Tip: For starters, you can navigate with the little button on top right. Do not edit layer one !

Now get the *.fla source file from here:


Instructions are also inside the *.fla file (play it):


A good enough solution is also available:

Source *.fla: action-script-button-anim-solution.fla
HTML+SWF: action-script-button-anim-solution.html

Preparation example 2008

This work through example has instructions embedded inside the fla file. Better and alternatively also may read the series of screen copies and that include the instructions

Solution: (directory)

Preparation example 2010


Other information

  • All materials are allowed (e.g. books, handouts, web pages)
  • Use of communication tools is strictly forbidden (no chat, no mail, etc.). No talking between students. Offenders may get an F.