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Statement by Daniel K. Schneider (founder and owner), July 2007:

  • We require that authors have a login in this Wiki and that their home page provides a means to identify authors (e.g. via a pointer to a home page). So in that sense, there is no privacy.
  • On a related issue: Per default, your contribution will remain "unsigned", but you also may sign an individual article as author (under the condition that you add the names of the other important contributors).
  • Everything you do is logged and kept in history.
  • We reserve the rights to remove a user account, block access to IP numbers in case of obvious misbehavior and even take legal action. I.e. you can't use your user page to spam this wiki with totally irrelevant information. (Of course, we don't mind contributors adding personal information, short links to products in appropriate sections or links to the organizations they work for, etc.). Spammers do know what we mean by spam.
  • No emails will be given out.