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Mid-term COAP 2110 exam preparation (Week 5)

Exam mode
  • You will receive a *.fla file to complete/repair. Several tasks must be completed, some easy and some more difficult. The result must be

uploaded to the worldclassroom.

Exam contents

I will test most points summarized in the Flash animation summary, (read this to check what you should know), except so-called "classic motion tweening"

Prepare for the following subjects:

(1) General

  • Use of layers
  • Creation of movie clip symbols, editing objects such as symbols, breaking apart
  • Grouping and ungrouping

(2) Animation

  • Frame-by-frame animation
  • Motion tweening, including "flight path" editing, size and tint changes, rotation
  • Shape tweening (excluding shape hints)
  • Motion/Shape/frame-by-frame animation within embedded movie clips (!!!)

(3) Drawing and transformation

  • Unions of graphic objects and breaking apart objects
  • Color gradients and color gradient transforms (in particular, rotate a color)
  • Simple transforms using the Transform tool or the Transform panel, i.e. size
  • Alignments using the Align panel
  • Transformations with the Selection tool
  • STransformations with the Subselection tool (only simple operations like moving an anchor point or turning curve control handles that are visible)
  • Drawing tools: Pencil, paint brush and simple primitive objects (line, square, oval)
Other information
  • "Open book/Internet": All materials are allowed (e.g. books, handouts, web pages)
  • Use of communication tools is strictly forbidden (no chat, no mail, etc.). No talking between students. Offenders may get an F.
Lectures notes

Note: Make sure to look at the Flash animation summary. It includes both the 2007 and the 2008 exam. However, these exams did you use "classic tweening" and motions guides, which we will not test.