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Week 8 - COAP 2110


  • Mandatory short presentations of term projects (demo the project and be ready for questions)
  • The final version (including a short report) is due on Friday
  • final exam information
  • Term project


  • Q/R assessment (hw, project, exams, participation, etc.)
  • Last minute questions
  • Class/teacher evaluation
  • Final exam

Moving on

  • You can have a look at my full list of Flash tutorials (however, most of the "missing" pieces need to be completed and upgraded to CS6). The french version has more, e.g. an introduction to the ActionScript language.
  • Search for advanced tutorial on the web (some are indexed in Flash and AS3 links).
  • Computer science students interested in game programming could acquire the ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University book from QUE Publishing. It will not teach you how to create advanced professional games, but basic ActionScript programming that will bring you one step further. There is a $29 PDF version.