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Week 5 COAP 2110


Main topics:

  • Using embedded movie clips, i.e. stop/start and hide/unhide with ActionScript
  • Some past homework
  • mid-term exam and term projects
  • planning of term projects, the design process
  • What do we mean by "quality?"
Quick overview of Flash components
Embedded movie clips

Wednesday and MidTerm

Term projects
Mid term

Homework 5 - Week 5


(a) Option A (a bit harder): Create a Flash file that includes the following features:

  • At start, the user should land in a frame that displays at least a component button
  • Clicking on buttons will show something that is different (e.g. move the user to a different frame or trigger an embedded movie clip).

Your animation should include:

  • At least three component buttons
  • At least two embedded animations (frame-by-frame or motion or morphing) that is started/stopped by a button

See the Flash embedded movie clip tutorial for help and inspiration

(b) Option B (a bit easier):

Create an application where the user can navigate on the timeline, e.g. a slide show of pictures or a portfolio of prior work or a "story". Then, create a Flash file that includes:

  • At least five buttons that you can place either on single frames, extend over several frames or over the whole timeline. These buttons should position the playhead (i.e. the user) in a new frame. In other words, these buttons must allow the user to move from one frame to other frames.
  • See the week 4 program and either the Flash button tutorial and/or the Flash component button tutorial for examples that you can reuse

Try to focus on quality, e.g. a good background, well aligned buttons, good selection of pictures, etc. Imagine a target population that will have to look at this ....

Reuse of previous homework
  • If you wish you can reuse prior homework (in any way you like). But this is by no means an obligation nor does it have an influence on grading. However, make sure to improve drawing, animation, navigation etc. if you didn't get a top grade for previous work. Adding just some sound and a button to a not so well done prior homework will not get you a very good grade. In particular, I don't want any Tween objects in the library...
Submission date and format
  • To be returned by Monday week 6 (start of lesson)
Other constraints
  • Reuse of objects: 1/3 must be drawn by yourself, max. 1/3 imported but customized, max. 1/3 imported as is. (So you also can do everything by yourself).
  • There is no restriction on the subject, e.g. you can do a slide show and/or play with embedded motion/shape/frame animations.
  • You can import sound from any source.
  • You must fill in a document description using the same template as in homework 1.
  • Homework projects are individual. If you work with others, make sure that the individual projects differ, i.e. the "reuse of objects" criteria above apply.
  • If you reuse old homework, try to improve the aesthetics of your drawings.
  • Your *.fla should be error free. No broken tweens, no strange tween objects in your library, etc.
Evaluation criteria - bonus and malus points

As usual

The document description

Your xxx-xxx.fla file must include a document description.

  • Insert it with menu Modify->Document
  • Enter a title and description
  • See the template