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Week 2 - COAP 2110


  • Motion animation and embedded movie clips
Introduction to motion animation
Guided motion animation (old style, optional)
Moving embedded movie clips

Homework 2 - Week 2


Think about a simple animation that you would like to create, e.g. something that could be part of an animated comic strip, of a moving logo, of an explanatory animation, etc.

The Flash file must includes:

  • At least one motion tween (animation) of an object
  • A motion tween (animation) that includes a frame-by-frame animation (can be the same as the above)
  • Some sort of background
Submission date and format
  • To be returned by Monday, at start of week 3 lesson
  • Submit the *.fla file
  • Upload the file to the world classroom (Blackboard)
Other constraints
  • Reuse of artwork: 1/3 imported but customized, max. 2/3 imported as is. (You also can do everything by yourself).
  • You can reuse prior homework.
  • The motion animation must be made by yourself.
  • Homework projects are individual. If you work with others, make sure that the individual projects differ, i.e. the "reuse of objects" criteria above apply.
  • Create a document description (see below)
Evaluation criteria - bonus and malus points

See grading form

The document description

You must document your fla file (File->File Info...), i.e. fill in a document description using the the homework template

  • Go for something that is simple
  • Don't forget to add a little frame-by-frame animation of the object that is moving. E.g. a flying bird that flaps its wings or a pulsating logo that moves from the back to the front.
  • Type of background depends on your objectives, it can be just a color.
  • Use this exercise to prototype some feature of your term project.
  • Remember the academic honesty policy ! Homework without credits given to external resources used will be refused.