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Term project

Kinds of projects

The term project could take several forms, e.g.

  • A splash page
  • A multimedia presentation (audio, pictures, movie clips etc.)
  • An educational animation (explaining a concept)
  • An animated comic strip
  • A sophisticated animated logo
  • Part of a game (difficult)

There is no obligation to use all techniques learnt so far.

Working in groups

You can work in groups of 2 or max. 3. However, in that case, the volume of the application must be double or triple.

Advise: You will be evaluated as a group, so make sure to work with someone you can trust.

Submission date and format

  • The project must be demoed on Monday, week 8.
  • Final version is due Friday, week 8 at noon !
  • Also upload the 1-page documentation file (see below) plus any media assets (videos, sounds, etc.) that are dynamically included.

Remember that projects must be shortly presented on Monday, the last week (no powerpoints, just a demo + discussion)

Constraints and major evaluation criteria

(1) Formulate clear objectives and make sure to meet these contraints

  • Aesthetics
  • Usability
  • Good code

(2) You may reuse 1/3 of imported artwork as is, 1/3 imported and modified. 1/3 must be drawn by yourself, but the latter can just be "easy" elements.

(3) You can reuse prior homework in any way you like. I.e. one option is to improve a single prior homework.

Elements that must be included

  • A button that leads to a credits page and that includes the names of all participants.
  • A 1-page report (as Word, PDF or HTML File) handed in separately. Use the same kind of structure as in the homework template, but make it a bit longer and better than for a typical homework.


  • Make it a reasonable project
  • Typically, for an individual, it should not exceed three times the length of a typical homework project.
  • Focus on quality.