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Machine embroidery
Module: InkStitch
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2022/09/25 ⚒⚒ 2018/06/05
  • Understand the purpose of InkStitch
  • Install InkStitch
  • Run a InkStitch annotated SVG file
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  • Understand the purpose of InkStitch
  • Install InkStitch
  • Run a InkStitch annotated SVG file

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  • Difficulty: beginner

[As of summer 2022, this documentation is outdated and requires some updating. Principles remain the same]


Ink/Stitch is an Inkscape extension for designing machine embroidery patterns and machine embroidery files. Ink/Stitch is in our opinion the best open source and free embroidery digitizing software. It offers good basic functionality and can be used in schools to teach both vector graphics and design. - Daniel K. Schneider 20 July 2018

According to the extension page, “Select objects that you want to apply embroidery properties and using the extension, set the parameters for the desired object(s). Once all desired objects have embroidery properties, use the extension to generate the necessary stitch file.”

According to the project page, “Ink/Stitch aims to be a full-fledged embroidery digitizing platform based entirely on free, open source software. Our goal is to be approachable for hobbyists while also providing the power needed by professional digitizers.”

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Warnings and disclaimers:

  • This documentation is not associated with the InkStitch project. Please also read the official documentation (including tutorials) in the official site. We just made a little tutorial while we were learning and testing this extension.
  • Some screenshots were made from early versions. Since the project took off during late sprint/summer 2018, changes were made to the interface and others may follow. Please take this into account. Over time, we will adapt most of the documentation...


As far as we can tell, the Ink/Stitch extension is the first usable open source program that allows creating embroidery files within an open source drawing tool. Summarizing:

  • Ink/Stitch allows creating stitch files from particular SVG drawings, i.e. so-called path. Any SVG object can be translated into a path object.
  • SVG fills can translate to filled stitch areas (i.e. tatami stitches), SVG strokes can translate to zigzag (simple satin) and lines. Finally, there is a mechanism to create satin columns from paths that include two sub-path lines.
  • SVG path objects can be parametrized for all of these four stitch types (filled areas, simple zigzags, complex satin zigzags, or lines). Various underlays can be configured, e.g. satin stitches can have three sorts (a center line, border lines or a zigzag).
  • Most embroidery formats can be imported, reused and adapted using Inkscape's path tool (F2).
  • InkStitch also supports thread color and project management.

As of December 16, 2018 the latest release was 1.21.0. We strongly encourage using the latest version and checking regularly for updates.

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Support groups

  • Report technical problems as issues to the developers at Github. Do check first if there is already an open issue with the same problem
  • inkscape - inkstitch. Friendly and dynamic french group.
  • InkScape to Ink/Stitch Enthusiast Group Unfriendly American group (e.g. links to tutorials outside facebook are not allowed, who wants to create content on facebook ?)


Place/Date Status Event
Amsterdam, Monday, July 24, 2019 080.svg Machine_embroidery_in_education_workshop_(EdMedia2019) Short URL:
Dagstuhl October 29, 2018 Done Data visualization with machine embroidery (75 min workshop at the Dagstuhl Seminar 18441 on DataPhysicalization
New York October 9. 2020 (demo) 080.svg

Computerized embroidery for identity building (fablearn2020) (

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