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Machine embroidery
Module: InkStitch
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2023/09/25 ⚒⚒ 2018/06/05
  • Understand the purpose of InkStitch
  • Install InkStitch
  • Run a InkStitch annotated SVG file
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  • Understand the purpose of InkStitch
  • Install InkStitch
  • Run a InkStitch annotated SVG file

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  • Difficulty: beginner


This extension software was first tested with Ubuntu 16x and Windows 10 on May 3 2018. We managed to produce embroidery files for both Linux and Windows. As of 2022 Ink/Stitch has come a long way and can be used for a large variety of high-quality embroidery projects. Because Ink/Stitch is an extension of the Inkscape drawing program, you will have to install a recent version of Inkscape. See the next item.

Inkscape installation

Install Inkscape if it is not already installed on your computer. This software runs on Windows (all versions), MacOS, and Linux. We also recommend using the latest stable InkScape version, e.g. in October 2023 it was 1.3. So, before installing Ink/Stitch, upgrade Inkscape first. Desinstall it, if it is very old. Download link (Windows, Mac, some Linux)

Use the installer. For Windows 10/11, we recommend the 64bit msi version.

First time Ink/Stitch base installation

Follow the instructions at

Once you installed the extension, restart Inkscape.

Windows 10 trouble shooting

If you use a high level of Windows Defender protection, you may run into trouble and you may have to white list the extension directory.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Add or remove exclusions.

Alternatively, lower the protection threshold (and then avoid downloading random bullshit). In the windows Defender Security Center:

  • Set App&Browser control -> Check apps and files to "Warn"
  • Set Virus&threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> Controlled Folder access to "Off"

Ink/Stitch add-ons installation (do not forget!)

At some point you may want to install color palettes and extra lettering modules.

  • Go to Extensions > Ink/Stitch >


In case you already have a very old Ink/Stitch installation (prior to 2022), you will have to uninstall it manually, i.e. remove the files from the inkscape extension directory, otherwise just execute the installation file again.



Language of downloaded Inkstitch files should match language of Inscape and language of OS.

Your can set the language in Inkscape: Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -

Show path outlines and directions

In order to create satin columns it is crucial to be able to see the direction of path lines.

To see directions, set Show path direction on outline in Edit -> Preferences -> Tools -> Node


The official InkStitch documentation recommends defining shortcuts as follows:

Open Edit > Preferences. Then select Interface -> Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Search for “params”. You will find it under Extensions. To its right, click into the field below the Shortcut column and enter Control + Shift + C.
  2. Search for “simulate” and enter Control + Shift + L
  3. Search “Reverse” (under Selection) and enter Control + R
  4. And finally Page down for “stack down” and Page up for “stack up”. The object at the bottom of the objects list (Object -> Objects) will stitch first.

The XML shortcuts sub page contains an extended list of shortcuts made by Laure Doisneau plus her explanations

Units and grids

We suggest always working in mm (if you are familiar with metric units)

Advanced problems

Language files

For people with system administration skills (only): Let us assume that you contribute to the translation effort at . You can test the translation file by replacing the "*.mo" file in your language directory.

  • Get a po file from a recent developer version, e.g. the master branch
  • create a *.mo from a *.po file, under Linux do something like.
msgfmt -o messages_fr_FR.po
  • Backup file inkscape/extensions/inkstitch/bin/locales/fr_FR directory/ to
  • Copy the file to the inkscape/extensions/inkstitch/bin/locales/fr_FR directory

Mediawiki compatibility of SVG files

For now, some InkStitch files (e.g. the ones that include previewing information) cannot be imported into a Mediawiki because Mediawikis only allow whitelisted namespace. I filed a request at the wikimedia phabricator but don't know if it may interest a developer.

There are two workarounds:

(1) Fix the SVG file

  • Remove the namespace elements with a text editor from the SVG, i.e. the declaration in the beginning and the section at the end of the metadata

(2) Modify the mediawiki code

  • In file ./includes/upload/UploadBase.php around line 1620, add the namespace, eg.

I will try to have this included in future mediawiki versions - Daniel K. Schneider (talk) 11:22, 14 June 2018 (CEST)