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Pre-conference workshop on educational modeling languages

This is part 1 of my contributions to Icool2007, i.e. resource page prepared for the workshop participants. I will not update this page.

Lecturer: Daniel K. Schneider, TECFA, University of Geneva


  • 1-day workshop, June 11 9:30-12:30h 14:00-16:30h
  • Maximum participants: 20
  • Other requirements: Bring your own memory stick (USB key)
  • You may bring your own Personal Laptop


  • This preconference workshop aims to introduce and discuss various educational modeling languages (EML). An EML formally describes educational materials and/or pedagogical scenarios. Some EMLs are executable, i.e. allow to assemble certain kinds of learning objects which then can be "played" in various platforms.
  • We introduce educational modelling languages as building blocks of instructional designs and critically discuss purpose and scope of various formalisms and tools. Participants also will gain some hands-on experience with a few tools.


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Discussion and alternatives

  • Do we really need modeling languages and in which situations ?
  • Where do light-weight cognitive tools and social computing fit in ? Why are they more successful ?
  • Industry modeling languages like UML ? The IMS learning design information model has been defined in UML.
  • What is the relation to document and hypertext standards ?
  • Where do (some) lesson planners fit in ?
  • The current status of IMS Learning Design (LD). Why are tools so slow to appear ?
  • Where does e-learning 2.0 fit in, or is it an "anti-model" ?


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Exe Authoring Tool
MOT Ontology and Learning Design Editor