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ICOOL stands for International Conference on Open and Online Learning. ICOOL 2003 was held in Mauritius and ICOOL 2005 in Stellenbosh (SouthAfrica).

This page indexes Daniel K. Schneider contributions to ICOOL 2007, the 3rd International Conference on Open and Online Learning. TECFA is a partner organization.

ICOOL 2007
3rd International Conference on Open and Online Learning
Pedagogical Scripting for Open and Distance Learning (ODL)
11-14 June 2007, Hotel Equatorial, Penang, Malaysia
Organised by the VCILT, University of Mauritius in partnership with the School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Contributions and related Edutech Wiki pages
This preconference workshop aimed to introduce and discuss various educational modeling languages (EML). An EML formally or semi-formally describes educational materials and/or pedagogical scenarios. Some EMLs are executable, i.e. allow to assemble certain kinds of learning objects which then can be "played" in various platforms. The workshop first introduced some concepts of instructional design and then presented nine modeling areas/topics.
E-learning 2.0 can be defined in terms of "learning as a network phenomenon". This includes shared user-generated contents (eg. Wikipedia), use of social networks, presence in virtual on-line communities, mashups of information feeds and other "web 2.0" services and finally personal learning environments. The talk attempted to provide an overview.

Maybe you should note that there is some contradiction in the air. Typically "web 2.0" stands for "light-weight", whereas EML is rather the opposite...

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