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This is a program for an introductory web technologies course. It is based on an edition of a COAP 2100 course at Webster University, Geneva.

This is not the official syllabus nor the official program. See the (access restricted) World classroom.

This course introduces core technologies students need to know in order to start designing professional Web pages. It will cover basic principles, technology and tools required in web design and coding, including XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, and others.

Course level learning outcomes (roughly)

At the completion of this course this student will be able to:

  1. Design a web page
  2. Code and validate HTML, XHTML
  3. Evaluate and use web page styles
  4. Edit and code simple JavaScript programs
  5. Create and validate an XML file
  6. Access a web server, code, test and run a server-side program
  7. Learn Web protocols
  8. Determine whether he/she has a greater interest in Web design or Web programming
Teaching Materials and reference books
  • There will be no required textbook (the instructor will use on-line materials and handouts, including photocopies from selected reference book sections). See the weekly program...

Optional Textbooks:

  • INTERNET & WORLD WIDE WEB, HOW TO PROGRAM, Latest Edition. E.g. Deitel et al., Internet and World Wide Web How To Program (5th Edition), Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-215100-6 (Available in the library)
  • SVG Essentials Free On-line SVG textbook. Wiki version of J. David Eisenberg (2002), SVG Essentials, O'Reilly

Weekly programs

  • exams (information about ...)
  • term project
  • Week 7 (HTML5 Video and audio Part II, Video Editing, ScreenCasts)
  • Week 8 (Final: Term project presentation, screencast and Q/R)

Index of important teaching materials

Weeks 1-7

Using online services
Setting up the tools
CSS and style

Additional resources

(None is needed for projects and exams. I just keep them here for general interest)

How Internet works
Flash videos and timed text
  • Flash video component tutorial (selected parts only: Encoding a video, using the FLV playback component and adding captions with the Captioning component)
JavaScript and client-side scripting
PHP and server side scripting