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Week 1

Topics Covered

  • Using the World Classroom (if needed)
  • Using Web 2.0 services to create web sites and web contents

Teaching materials

(1) Content management services

(2) Social networking creation services

Optional reading (background information): weblog

Classroom activities

  • Class cancelled

(1) Course organization

(3) Webs

If time left:

(3) Google services

  • Create an account with Google (if don't already own one, i.e. a gmail address):
Make sure to remember your login (gmail address) and password

(4) Mixxt (social networking)

(5) Homework Q/A


Homework 1 summary

Objective: Create a web site with one of the visited online services (blogger, google sites, webs, mixxt, etc.)

Requirements (read before you submit !!)

  1. The web site must have a clear objective (of your choice). A user should "feel" its identity.
  2. The site must be available to the public (so that other students and myself can have a look at it). Of course, you also can create private pages within the same environment.
  3. You should explicitly state the website's purpose in some place, preferably in an about page.
  4. The website must include some minimal contents. Except for the messages about its purpose, you don't need to create the contents by yourself. E.g. You could use referenced copyright-free materials or materials you developed in another context. It is up to to you to decide how many pages you need. E.g. for a content-oriented website one single Goggle sites page or one single blog entry is not enough. If you create a social networking website, it is more important to get "the tools right" than adding contents.
  5. Technology chosen (general purpose web site generation, social networking service, blogging tool) should be appropriate with respect to your objectives. You must work with an online service. Ask the instructor in case of doubt ...


  • Deadline: Wednesday, week 2 before the start of class. Unjustified late submission will get you a lesser grade (see the syllabus)
  • Procedure: Connect to the world classroom, click on Assignments, select project1
  • Type the URL of your website in the "Submission" form. Then hit the "submit" button.
  • You may add a comment


  • In your website, you may use your real identity or not. That's up to you. All I need is a URL I can connect to.
  • Grading criteria: See the homework submission form
  • Only use materials that are not under a "normal" (restrictive) copyright. By default, any web content is not for re-use. Search for creative commons or similar licence schemes or re-user your own productions. Finally, include references in an appropriate way.
  • This exercise can evolve into a term project (but must not).

Teaching materials:

  • Creating websites with online services. This short tutorial covers various online web site creation services we will use.
  • Using web widgets. A short introduction on how to use web widgets (but see the week 2 program, using widgets is just an option at this stage).
  • Please consult the help of the service you are interested in. These tools are made for non-technical people and you can figure out yourself how to use them ....

Term project start

See Term project. Homework 1 already can get you started.