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Week 7


Discussion of homework, term project, mid term


  • Recall of HTML5 video principles (week 6)
  • HTML5 Captions
    • Track languages: SRT, WebVTT, Timed Text, etc.
    • WebVTT (A video track language)
    • Using JavaScript libraries
LeanBackPlayer exercise
  • LeanBack Player
  • Download from here and unzip the library within a folder that you could name "project6".
  • Create the player code with the HTML5 Generator.
    • Tick most everything except autoplay and loop
    • You already can substitute the video file names (but you also can do that later). We suggest doing it now, e.g. use myvideo.mp4, myvideo.webm, etc.
    • Keep the browser tab open (you will need to copy/paste the code)
  • In the directory you just created, create a new HTML5 file using the template below:
<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8"/> 
    <title>HTML 5 video</title>

    <!-- Insert the header code about here and kill this line -->


      <h1>Title that you should set </h1>
      <p>Intro that you should change ....</p>

   <!-- Insert the body code about here and kill this line -->

      <a href="">W3C validator</a> 
  • Test: If the video does not show then you likely:
    • must have put the JS and CSS libraries in some other place (not the same directory). Fix the URLs, look at your directory !
    • must have deleted some important line of code
    • must have have syntax errors: validate your code
    • Tip: Open the error console in your browser: In Firefox: Tools->Web Developer->Error console
Using track with LeanbackPlayer

Track elements

	<track enabled="true" kind="subtitles" label="EN"
	       src="" srclang="en" type="text/x-srt"/>
	<track enabled="true" kind="subtitles" label="EN VTT"
	       src="subtitles_en.vtt" srclang="en" type="text/vtt"/>
	<track enabled="true" kind="subtitles" label="FR" 
	       src="subtitles_fr.vtt" srclang="fr" type="text/vtt"/>

WebVTT template to copy/paste into a file called something like subtitles_en.vtt


00:00:01.000 --> 00:01:10.000
Wikipedia is a great adventure. It may have
its shortcomings, but it is the largest collective
knowledge construction endevour

00:01:10.000 --> 00:02:10.000
This is just a track demo using VTT


1) Exam/term project Q/A

(2) WebVTT hands-on

  • Get the HTML file done on Monday and add captions files, look at this example
  • You can start from this VTT file: subtitles_en.vtt (rename it if necessary)

If you missed class:

(3) Creating screencasts:

(4) Video and audio editing (part II)

Homework 7

None, but see homework 6 announced in week 6