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Welcome to EduTechWiki

EduTechWiki is about Educational Technology (instructional technology) and related fields. It is hosted by TECFA - an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva.

It is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research, e.g. a note taking tool for researchers; a literature review tool or a writing-to-learn environment for students. It also includes some (technical) tutorials that may be used in classes around the world or for self-learning.

Many articles also can be useful to teachers, instructional designers and e-learning consultants. Read more about our objectives.

EduTechWiki currently contains 1,529 articles. The french version has different contents and includes many contributions from our own students. Send questions to Daniel K. Schneider (he "owns" this wiki and is to blame for most contents). Other major contributors are/were Kalli Benetos, Marielle Lange, Stéphane Lattion, Students of Elizabeth Murphy. We also get occasional help from other people, thanx to you all !

Status and authoring guidelines

This wiki is a long term project: Most articles still lack content, depth, style, authority or all four together and will be improved over the years. We also use the wiki as an e-learning platform (mostly the french version).

  • Anybody is welcome to participate. Because of heavy spamming attemps in the past, account creation is subject to review. You may sign your contributions and express opinions. This is not Wikipedia. We also very much appreciate people fixing little mistakes (spelling, grammar, references,...) !
  • Other university teachers may bring classes to EduTechWiki for writing activities (please read this if you plan to do so).
  • If you are new to wiki technology, please browse through help and then make some tests in our SandBox.

Subscribe to the Feed-icon.png Atom or Feed-icon.png RSS feed for Daniel K. Schneider's wikilog/bliki. If you are interested in Mediawiki blikis, there is some help.

October 2014 news
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 10 October 2014 - updated:10 October 2014

Sorry for not posting more updates and news over the last month. Been too busy. Our plans for the near future are to move this wiki to a better machine, upgrade to a WysWyg editor (as soon as it works with [MW version 1.24]) and redesign the home page and the overall navigation. We also plan to sponsor important new additions, such as Memorial's contributions in Affordances and constraints of learning technologies or structured information portals designed with SMW technology such as Portal: Data mining and learning analytics tools.

Serious artwork
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 10 October 2014 - updated:10 October 2014

According to a slightly edited Zooniverse mailing received on oct 9 2014, We Need Us is an artistic visualization of Zooniverse Citizen science activities. It has has been created by artist Julie Freeman. She takes anonymised information from participant's clicks, counting the number of volunteers active, and classifications that they create, every minute. She stores this as sets of values, while also recording the frequency of activity over an hour, a day, and a month. These sets of values create rhythms that are translated into moving shapes, and play different sounds.

See also STEAM-powered computing education, the combination of Art and engineering does seem to have a bright future!

OpenSym (WikiSym) 2014
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 20 March 2014 - updated:20 March 2014

OpenSym / WikiSym 2014 joint conference

the 10th International Symposium on Open Collaboration /
the 10th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration
August 27-29, 2014, Berlin, Germany

Calls Submission, deadline for papers
April 20th, 2014
Calls for special tracks (there are more....)

Expanding Your Horizons
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 15 November 2013 - updated:15 November 2013

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is an international program created to allow 11 to 14 year old girls attending public or private schools to discover the numerous careers available in the areas of science and technology.

Look at our contribution to the 2014 Geneva conference. Two groups of EduTech master students will run workshops featuring 3D printing and digital embroidery and cutting.

Semantic MediaWiki Convention Fall 2013
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 29 October 2013 - updated:31 October 2013

Attending SMWCon Fall 2013.

"Edutech Wiki"