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1 Hello

This wiki may be used as an initial source for literature reviews. Therefore we include a few links.

See also:

  • Citation (information about formats)
  • Reference manager (information about tools to manage your references)
  • Citation index (information about tools to follow up trails of citation and that often also provide reference management functionality)
  • note taking (may give you ideas for note taking)

2 Links

  • Strunk and White (2000). The elements of style (4th edition). Longman. Links to online version available from the wikipedia entry. This is the bible for better style. Very short (105 pages) but full of tips that will greatly improve your writing.
  • Morningstar, Chip (1993), How To Deconstruct Almost Anything, My Postmodern Adventure, HTML

3 Bibliography

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  • Mathieu Lavallée, Pierre-N. Robillard, and Reza Mirsalari, Performing Systematic Literature Reviews With Novices: An Iterative Approach. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION, VOL. 57, NO. 3, AUGUST 2014.
    • Good reading for people who have to direct CS students.
  • M. Petticrew and H. Roberts, Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences. Malden, MA, USA: Blackwell, 2008. PDF (legitimate copy?)
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