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1 Welcome to EduTechWiki

EduTechWiki is about Educational Technology (instructional technology, digital learning) and related fields. It is hosted by TECFA, University of Geneva. See also: (new 4/2020).

It is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research, e.g. a note taking tool for researchers; a literature review tool or a writing-to-learn environment for students. It also includes (technical) tutorials that may be used in classes around the world or for self-learning.

Many articles also can be useful to teachers, instructional designers and e-learning consultants. Read more about our objectives.

EduTechWiki currently contains 1,941 articles. The french version has different contents and includes many contributions from our own students. Send questions to Daniel K. Schneider (he "owns" this wiki and is to blame for most contents). Other major contributors are/were Kalli Benetos, Marielle Lange, Stéphane Lattion, Students of Elizabeth Murphy. We also get occasional help from other people, thanx to you all !

2 Status and authoring guidelines

This is a long term project: Most articles still lack content, depth, style, authority or all four together and will be improved over the years. We also use the wiki as an e-learning platform (mostly the french version).

  • Anybody is welcome to participate. In order to fight spamming, account creation is subject to review. You may sign your contributions and express opinions. This is not Wikipedia. We also very much appreciate people fixing little mistakes (spelling, grammar, references,...) !
  • Other university teachers may bring classes to EduTechWiki for writing activities (please read this if you plan to do so).
  • If you are new to wiki technology, please browse through help and then make some tests in our SandBox. You also may consult the Editing rules or Terms of service.

Subscribe to the Feed-icon.png Atom or Feed-icon.png RSS feed for Daniel K. Schneider's wikilog/bliki. If you are interested in Mediawiki blikis, there is some help.

Upgrades - 2018-09-13
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 13 September 2018 - updated:7 November 2018

We upgraded this wiki to version 1.31 and the server machine to Ubuntu 18 LTS

The upgraded wiki seems to work fine including its most important extensions. Some minor extensions do not work and have been disabled and there may be glitches that we will iron out over time. For example this wikilog extension doesn't work completely. In order to publish an article one has to manually insert a template...

My Mediawiki installation notes have been updated a bit. Sorry, I don't have time for a more professional documentation. Also of some interest: VisualEditor and Mediawiki collection extension installation‎‎. Both do seem to work, globally speaking.

Changes in the search functionality and upgrades in the near future
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 10 July 2018 - updated:10 July 2018

I added an extension to include google search results on top of the normal wiki search results. Let's see if this works better.

I probably will upgrade the wiki around mid-august to version 1.31 That will mean some downtime (on and off during a day or two).

Finally, this summer I also will try to upgrade some of the more "classic" topics in educational technology (I promised to revise the study book on EdTech I made for Hagen University and will use the wiki to collect some information first).

Computerized embroidery in education - Visit our exhibits
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 24 April 2018 - updated:24 April 2018

TECFA exhibits Computerized embroidery in education: 32th Geneva book fair PDF, April 25-29) and Science Night(July 7 and 8).

In this wiki: computerized embroidery

In the french sister wiki: CFAO

Wikispaces is closing
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 26 February 2018 - updated:26 February 2018

Wikispaces is (was) one of the most popular tools for educators and it will shut down over the next months (classrooms will have until July 2018).

This is a sad moment for the world and a good one for me. I always tell people in education to never trust the cloud with long term projects. Learn how to to install and to manage a wiki yourself and it will not go away.

Of course, doing it yourself is costly. It will cost time and some money for a good hosting plan. I prefer that as opposed to selling away my soul and loosing everything at the end. Wikispaces did have a decent policy with respect to advertisements and that is maybe why they cannot raise money for fixing the code to include the mostly useless features that modern websites should have...

vacation time
— by Daniel K. Schneider (talk) - 3 August 2017 - updated:3 August 2017

I hope that everyone gets some time for vacation. We do and this is why EduTechWiki was down for a few days (nobody noticed that the boot partition was full...). Sorry

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