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The TECFA unit at University of Geneva sponsoring this wiki does have have some making technology and we are teaching it. According to the Fab Lab conformity self-rating we rate it CCCB: (1) Closed or restricted user group; (2) No charter; (3) Difficult to do projects that require other tools than a 3D printer, laser cutter, "standard DYI" tools or electronics. (4) Very little participation in the community, However, we did produce useful tutorials and contribute in that sense (see the fab lab category). We also have contacts with local fablabs.

Our intent was not to create a fab lab as defined by the FabLab community, but we explore teaching of design and micro-fabrication in education. Of particular interest right now is the UK's Digital Design and Technology Programme.

Our master students in educational technology can follow optional design and fabrication 6 ECTS credit semester classes about once per year, as described in STIC III and STIC IV offerings. See CFAO for an overview.

- Daniel K. Schneider 20:05, 12 October 2011, updated oct 2014/ aug. 2017.

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So far, we got the following equipment (there will be 1 or 2 more devices, e.g. a hobby mill):

(1) Embroidery machines and software

(2) 3D printers


(3) Digital piano

(4) Vinyl cutter

(5) Laser cutter

(6) Heat press

(7) Electronics

(5) Planned


(in French)

In addition, we organized and or participated in some workshops with either kids or teachers, for example: