The Talos Principle

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Page réalisée dans le cadre du séminaire "Les lundi du jeu", du TECFA

Statut de la fiche
Description It is a puzzle game where you collect sigils to advance. You are in Athens, when you are in a certain level you might attempt Egypt or the Alps. In order to collect those sigils you must make sure to survive and not being attacked. You are not a human, you're a robot.
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Plateforme PC
Système d'opération: Windows, MacX, Linux, Android
URL accès
prix 38 CHF
Description générale du jeu The whole game is about finding out what is going on.

QR codes are a way to interact with other agents on the game, you can scan them with your phone. You have to go to different rooms, follow the signs. Collect the sigils.

Mécanique du jeu You use jammers and other devices to lock the guardians.

You will use a computer with a prompt. This is the best part of the game! Some mechanics are similar to Portal

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