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If I have time, expect a useful version by beginning of sept. 2012 - Daniel K. Schneider 12:28, 30 August 2012 (CEST)

1 Introduction

Skeinforge is a tool chain (a so-called slicer) for printing 3D objects with the RapMan and other Fab lab engines. Skeinforge allows to set many parameters and needs some time to learn. However, it's an easy to understand tool and worth the effort if you plan to create optimal prints.

There exist easier alternatives to Skeinforge:

  • Slic3r
  • SFACT, a modification for Skeinforge that works with less parameters and scalers (instead of absolute values)

The purpose of this entry is twofold:

  • Write down the most important parameters and settings for the Felix 3D printer V11
  • The information also might be useful for other printers that use PLA, 1.75 mm filament, 0.35mm nozzle and (typically) 0.25 layers

2 Initial setups ?

Suggested by Profilemaker:

"0.25" in Carve -> "Layer Thickness (mm)"
"1.67" in Carve -> "Perimeter Width over Thickness (ratio)"
"1.67" in Fill -> "Infill Width over Thickness (ratio)"
"30" in Speed -> "Feed Rate (mm/s)"
"2.048" in Speed -> "Flow Rate Setting (float)"

Certainly speed and flow rate should be higher !!

"60" to "90" in Speed -> "Main Feed Rate (mm/s)"
"30" in Speed -> "Flow Rate Setting (float)" ???