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1 Digital design and fabrication workshop

Daniel K. Schneider, TECFA, Faculty of psychology and educational sciences, University of Geneva
Unbordering Education Forum
Yerevan, november 4, 2014

2 Provisional program

  1. Agenda (adjustments to the program)
  2. Definition of digital design and fabrication
  3. Q/A
  4. Introduction to 3D printing
  5. ...

3 Introduction


CAD - computer-aided design / CAO - Conception assistée par ordinateur /
CAM - computer-aided manufactoring / CNC - Commande numérique / Computer numerical control

Including a quick tour of available machinery in various contexts.

Q/A with respect to my Sunday talk

Digital design and fabrication in education
Slides in french of an older talk: Design et fabrication digital(e), Mons, 2011

3.1 Introduction to 3D printing

Conception et fabrication de modèles 3D avec une imprimante 3D



3.2 Computerized embroidery

3.3 Design and fabrication in schools

4 Resources

4.1 EduTechWiki


D&T in education


3D printing



4.2 Other resources

  • See various other articles of interest.