COAP:COAP-3150 - week 2

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1 Part I

1.1 Usable web design principles

1.1.1 Principles

Some links that list and describe design principles for usable and effective web pages.

See also Usability, User-centered design, User experience and user experience design

1.1.2 Typography - using type for the web

1.1.3 Colour theory (RGB, HSB, hexidecimal)

Color palette generators

See also Colors on the web - a site "dedicated to color theory and the use of colors in web design"

2 Part II

2.1 Design processes and models

2.1.1 Conducting a requirements analysis

A thorough requirements analysis is used for

  • targeting public and defining stakeholders
  • determining objectives
  • determining client needs using a task analysis
  • defining types of interactions - what will users do on site and how
  • analyzing user needs [1] - who, what, when, how, why - Read User Needs analysis
  • defining success

  1. User Research Basics. Retrieved October 31, 2016 from