COAP:COAP-3150 - week 5

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1 Site management with Dreamweaver (or Komposer)

1.1 File management

Defining your file structure to separate form from content.

1.2 Site setup

1.3 Tutorials

1.4 Readings

Chapter 6 - Site management essentials, Artistic Web Design by Vickie Ellen Wolper.

2 HTML, CSS review

(self-study or if time permits)

  • Graphic formats for the web
  • images using the <img> tag

2.1 Embedding multimedia

Embed external media in HTML using the <embed> tag. The <embed> calls up external plugins or players.

  • tutorial from HTML Source[1]
  • some examples of embedded files and code
  • In Dreamweaver, choose Insert > Media >... Select file and click Choose.
  • embedding SVG example

2.2 Embedding web apps/widgets

In class exercise.
  • Embed an object (widget or from a site like Youtube) into an HTML file
Assignment 7 – HTML mockup prototype

2.3 References