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1 Week 4 learning goals

  • Initial configuration of WordPress
  • Theme selection
  • Relational dabase principles, including looking at the table structure of Wordpress (if time left)
  • (more .... TBA)

2 Monday Part I

... finishing the basic installation, preparation of next steps

2.1 Hands on- Worpress installation

  • In principle, each participant does have a running wordpress

Installation problems:

  • Wrong database name
  • Wrong database user and/or password name
  • file permissions (will happen when you move to a provider, change permissions)

Apache/PHP configuration:

Your web server and PHP configuration may have "low values" for execution time, memory use and upload file size. In particular, if you work with a slow USB stick, installation procedures may require more time. You can edit these values in the configuration files that you can get in the XAMPP console:

  • Not enough memory for PHP (php.ini)
memory_limit = 256M
  • Not enough execution time, often due to slow memory stick/computer. You may need as much as 600 seconds)
max_execution_time = 600
  • File upload size must be changed in both Apache and PHP in in several places, e.g. see this stackoverflow Q/A

2.2 Hands on - Selecting themes and configuring the layout


Things to do in class (ask your neighbor or the instructor for help)

  • Select a theme: Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes
  • Please configure the theme, including a picture: Use the "Customize your Side" link from the Dashboard.
  • Add two static pages and make sure that they show up in a menu
  • Add two stories.
  • Add an Atom/RSS widget: Dashboard -> Appearance - Widgets

3 Wednesday Part I - Term project and web hosting

  • 10 minutes catch-up for Monday hands-on activity: Theme installed, configured, pages created, menu changed.

3.1 Hands on - Identify a provisional project

Short discussion of term project ideas

3.2 PHP/MySQL/Apache hosting

Be prepared to move you sever from the USB stick to a hosting company (ca. week 6 or 7)

Contents moved: See week 6 program

3.3 A very short introduction to relational databases

4 Wednesday part II - WordPress plugins

4.1 Using WordPress plugins

Please read:

4.2 Hands on - installing a picture gallery

(1) Installation steps

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for "gallery" or "photo gallery"
  • Install one gallery plugin. Before you do so, click on "more details" !

There exist many comparisons on the web, e.g. read 8 of the Best Gallery WordPress Plugins Compared

(2) Create a gallery and make it available

  • Create a gallery and a few pictures (at least 2)
  • Create a page that includes a gallery. Usually, a gallery can be added through the HTML editor

(3) Compare with your fellow students

  • Is the plugin intuitive ?
  • Is it useful with respect to your needs ?
  • How many other people installed this ? What are the ratings ?
  • Is the documentation well done and easy to find ?

4.3 Hands on - installing another plugin

  • Find, install and configure another plugin of interest.