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1 Task

Create a web site with some content management (CMS) system, also called portalware [1]. We recommend using WordPress since it is fairly popular (over 25% of the top 10 million web sites) and fairly easy to use, but you are free to use another technology if it better fits your purpose. However, installation of some portalware is required, i.e. you cannot simply use a web service like WIX or Google Sites to create a web site.

2 Requirements

  • The website must be working on either a development server or a hosted web site or both
  • The web site should be highly interactive, i.e. it should offer more than just display information. For example, users must be able to add contents, add artifacts, create their profiles and exchange messages. You cannot not "sell" a "contents" only website.
  • You may of course restrict user actions to specific user groups.


  • You are free to choose a domain, for example: Fan club, sports club, student club, gaming club, e-commerce site, artist portfolio, e-learning, school website.

Prior work:

  • You cannot turn in prior work, but you could negotiate creating a project that will benefit someone

3 Presentation

  • The project must be documented in a report
  • The project must be presented on Monday week 8 in class
  • The instructor must be given a chance to test its functionality (at least screenshots)

Contents of the report:

  • Purpose of the website (including specifications)
  • URL or Screenshots (if not online)
  • Implementation report (Describe the result. There is no need to describe how to install server, database, wordpress but do describe difficulties and solutions, plugins chosen)
  • Testing/Self-evaluation

4 Evaluation

  • Presentation quality (Monday talk and discussion)
  • Quality of the web site (is it useful, usable and pleasant ?)
  • Quality of the report (purpose, requirements, implementation, evaluation, conclusion)

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