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1 Week 3 learning goals

  • Download and install WordPress
  • Perform basic configuration, including choice of skin.
  • Document installation and configuration steps (make sure that both you and others could follow the same procedure).

2 Monday

  • Short feedback homework 1
  • Questions/Answers for homework 2 (PHP/MySQL application)
  • Finalizing homework 2 (about 50 minutes)

3 Wednesday

3.1 Hands on - WordPress installation preparation

  • Find the official download for WordPress
  • Examine the requirements (do you have the right PHP/MySQL stack ?)
  • Find the documentation and try to follow the "famous 5 minute" installation
  • Decide how to create useful installation notes (both you and others could reproduce the installation in a similar context)

Found (in class)

  • php 5.6 or >
  • MySQL 5.6 > or MariaDB 10.0 or >
  • Apache or Nginx

3.2 Hands on - Install and configure WordPress

Roughly you will have to go through the following steps

  • Download the archive
  • Examine the Zip file and unzip in the right place
  • Edit the configuration file (it also can be created by the installation script, but we recommend doing it manually)
  • Run the configuration script.

4 Homework 3

(1) Create a full installation and configuration notice for a WordPress installation

  1. Separate the various logical steps, i.e. distinguish between prerequisites, download, database preparation, installation and configuration
  2. Make sure to explain the context and limits of your notice, e.g. that you use a specific OS and Apache/MySQL/PHP stack.
  3. Include a little section on what could go wrong and how to handle it.
  4. Add a selection of important and useful documentation links.
  5. Make sure that you can reach the this notice from different locations and devices (come up with a solution that works and tell us which one you use)

(2) Write a short report

  • It should briefly describe the design of your installation notes.


  • Wednesday week 4 before class

5 Resources