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COAP 2170 Week 8 program


Term project presentations
  • Each student should present his/her term project (at least a prototype/draft). The final version is due on Friday.
  • Make sure to prepare a presentable format (i.e. your file must be "readable" on the teacher's machine)
Emotional design
the Kansei method (if time left)
  • List of exam topics etc.
  • Homework situation


Final remarks & homework
  • Last submission date for hw is Friday week 8. Term project is also due on Friday.
  • Check your gradebook please. If you think that a homework is missing, talk to me (you probably have to upload it to the worldclassroom again, e.g. when I can't read a file I return it to you)
  • Final grade = 50% hw + term project + 10% hw on time + 30% exams + 10 % presence and participation
  • Grading of exam and late homework ... probably by start of week 9.
Course evaluation
  • Fill in the questionnaire please
Final exam (80 minutes)


  • Overall design process, global user experience "pictures" and overview of usability methods
  • Usability guidelines (including home and landing page optimization)
  • Task-based usability testing
  • User satisfaction tests
  • User experience/perception surveys (including semantic differentials)
  • Personas and scenarios
  • Task analysis
  • Prototyping with wireframes
  • Accessibility guidelines and testing with analysis tools