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COAP 2170 Week 1 program

Monday - Introduction to user experience and user interface design

  • Presentation of the course outcomes, (provisional syllabus) and student evaluation scheme
  • Participant's experiences with web design ?
  • Introductory videos
User Experience Process (20min. on Vimeo) by Daniel Wilcomb (blog)
Bill Verplank on Interaction Design (2:46 min., YouTube)
The 'Mom Test' for Website Usability Testing with Matt Bailey
Chicken and Egg by Kai Brunner (3 min., Vimeo)
  • (Some) Abbreviations
UX / UxD = User Experience Design
UI = User Interface (Design)
IX / IxD = Interaction Design
HCI = Human Computer Interaction
IA = Information Architecture
  • Big pictures - Interaction Design vs User Experience Design vs User Interface design vs Usability etc.
- Useful, usable and pleasant (Wiki entry page)
- The elements of user experience by Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience
- Disciplines involved in User Experience. From a revised diagram from the Designing for Interaction book by Dan Saffer
- Peter Morville's user experience design honeycomb model
- Holger Maassen's UxD-P – Gathering the elements model from a UX Design-Planning Not One-man Show article.
- Holger Massen's UX/UI elements in the project timeline and bad timeline model (same as above).
- Selected slides from Russ Unger talk on UxD. (, he also co-authored "A Project Guide to UX Design: For user experience designers in the field or in the making".
- Design and usability methods and techniques (this page just includes links to various methods, some of which will be introduced later in the course)

Wednesday - Usability guidelines

Short presentations
Class room activity (exploration)
Classroom activity (guidelines-based reviews of European Webster sites)

This activity prepares homework 1.


Do a partial guidelines review of Webster Websites.

The instructor will assign both web sites and tasks to various students or groups

Students can work in teams of max. 2 for this homework.

  • A single student = does the homepage plus two other categories (excel worksheets)
  • A team of two students = does a full review of a web site

Folks who didn't attend the Wednesday class, should try to do the best to catch up ....

Results will be discussed in week 3.

Due: Wednesday, week 2 before start of class

Evaluation criteria

  • Completeness (Fill in a "0" for items that are "in between", and leave a blank for those that are not appropriate for the analyzed web sites)
  • Quality of comments (try to comment each decision)
  • On time