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Term projects will be negotiated individually. You can expand each homework into a term project.


  • You can hand in group work (2 persons max.) but then I require that you use three different usability and user experience methods

For example:

  • Do a usability analysis of a web site of your choice with respect to items of your choice
  • Create a design that respects experience design and usability principles with a wireframe mockup
  • Do an accessibility analysis of a web site of your choice

You may reuse prior homework in any way you like

Your term project must include a report in any way you like. It could be integrated into a design, be a word file, etc. Typical structure:

  • Introduction (aims)
  • Body (Analysis, design, etc. as appropriate)
  • Conclusion

Example: Evaluation of a wireframe project

  • Completeness
    • Model the homepage + at least three other pages
    • Each of these pages should include all elements
    • Design should respect usability guidelines (in particular with respect to navigation, see homework 1)
    • The wireframe can use any technology (e.g. paper&pencil, Sketching programs, Pixel-precise clickable programs), but do not create a website.
  • Quality of the report (1-2 pages), e.g.
    • Explain your design choices, i.e. why you created your design in a certain way
    • Explain if you tested your design in any way or what kind of usability guidelines you used ...


  • Monday week 8: Short presentation in class
  • Friday week 8 midnight: Final version due