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1 Introduction

This is the course content and resources area of the program for an introductory course in Design principles for the web. It is based on an edition of a COAP 3150 course given by Kalli Benetos at Webster University, Geneva. This is not the official syllabus nor the official program. See the (closed) Webster WorldClassroom for details if you are a student enrolled in the course..

2 Course objectives

2.1 Technical level outcomes

  • Successfully implement (code) a web site from a design plan
  • Gain further understanding of XHTML and CSS
  • Understand and select appropriate graphic formats for the web
  • Implement SVG within XHTML
  • Embed web applications and services
  • Use a code/design application to develop and manage a web site

2.2 Design level outcomes

  • Apply a systematic design process
  • Structure information on a web site to meet user and client needs
  • Design interactions on a website
  • Develop and use appropriate visual presentation styles
  • Evaluate prototypes and suggest recommendations

2.3 Theoretical level outcomes

  • Use design processes and models
  • Apply colour theory to design
  • Apply design principles to web layouts
  • Apply web design (usability) principles
  • Design a basic usability test

2.4 Soft skills

  • Find and assemble resources
  • Relate assignments to personal project development
  • Diagram designs and processes
  • Basic project management

3 Course organization

3.1 Grading

Grading is based on assignments, exams and the final project to be developed during the course and completed at the end - (see syllabus in WorldClassRoom (closed) for details).

  • Term project (25%)
  • Assignments (20%)
    • project phases
    • exercises
  • Exams
    • Mid-term - (20%) (week 4 15/10/2016 or 17/10/2016)
    • Final exam -(25%) (week 8 - 15/12/2016)
  • Attendance and participation - (10%)

3.2 Course structure

Classes will, for the most part be divided into 2 parts.

  1. presentations and activities on theoretical concepts related to web design and development
  2. demos and practical exercises (hands on)

3.3 Environments

Several environments will be used to organize and present material for use during and outside of class.

WorldClassRoom (Blackboard) - Webster University's online learning environment - will be used for :

  • ALL assignments that will be presented within learning modules for each week.
  • ALL communications regarding
    • grades and feedback
    • email messages
    • requests for help or clarifications (forum, mail)

Edutechwiki will be used to present :

3.4 Textbook

  • Artistic Web Design Using Adobe Dreamweaver & Photoshop: An Introduction By Vickie Ellen Wolper

4 Weekly program

5 General resources

5.1 Guides

5.2 Tutorials

5.3 References sites

List of web design related reference sites and glossaries

6 References