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Affect is a feeling or emotion as distinguished from cognition or action.

See also: motivation and emotion

Krathwohl's Taxonomy of Affective Domain

  • “Krathwohl's affective domain taxonomy is perhaps the best known of any of the affective taxonomies. "The taxonomy is ordered according to the principle of internalization. Internalization refers to the process whereby a person's affect toward an object passes from a general awareness level to a point where the affect is 'internalized' and consistently guides or controls the person's behavior (Seels & Glasgow, 1990, p. 28)."” (Krathwohl's Taxonomy of Affective Domain, retrieved 18:23, 7 September 2006 (MEST) )
  1. Receiving, e.g. students' willingness to listen
  2. Responding, e.g. students' willingness participate, to read, to do homework, to discuss.
  3. Valuing, e.g. students' willingness to propose, to have an opinion
  4. Organization, e.g. to examine, combine and alter ideas, to debate and to make concepts consitent.
  5. Characterization by value set: to act consistently according to a value systemm, e.g. act, practise, etc.

For detail see the nice Affective Domain (Krathwohl) table by Julie K. Little, Ed.D.

Compare this "pyramid" with learning levels. There seems to be a relation.



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