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Most tutorials are just drafts. I will take some time before I will be done with these - Daniel K. Schneider october 2009. That holds still true as of Feb 2011. Some technical information has been added. In the next few month I'll add conceptual stuff related to design and usability.

1 Introduction

This entry indexes various web technology and web design tutorials. Roughly, the learning goals are the following

Web technology level 1 - Learning goals

  1. Use simple Web 2.0 services like Webtops
  2. Configure a web 2.0 application, e.g. a a blog or a social network
  3. Import widgets and understand how content syndication works
  4. Learn how the Internet works and about some major Web protocols
  5. Design a web page with (X)HTML and CSS and upload it to a server
  6. Evaluate and use web page styles
  7. Edit and code simple JavaScript programs
  8. Know how to make use of JavaScript libraries
  9. Create and validate an XML file (learn how to read and use DTDs and XML Schemas)

web technology level 2 - learning goals:

  1. Learn web design and usability principles
  2. Design XML grammars
  3. Write XSLT stylesheets for text or database centered XML applications
  4. Access a web server, code, test and run a very simple server-side program
  5. Design a simple SQL database
  6. Be able to use some PHP/MySQL generators
  7. Install and configure LAMP-based web applications

web design - learning goals:

  1. Implement a user-centered agile design practice
  2. Use prototyping tools like pencil and paper and wireframing tools
  3. Identify major usability issues
  4. Conduct simple usability tests
  5. Understand requirements for accessibility

2 List of (future) tutorials

Note: The list below is really provisional, got some renaming and (of course) work to do. Also, some entries are less than incomplete ...

2.1 Getting started

I suggest to start creating web sites with online services. This way you will be aware of what you can do without learning to code or install anything. In addition, you will implicitly become aware some issues and concepts that will be introduced later.

2.2 Internet principles

2.3 Managing identities on the Internet and Authentication

2.4 HTML

2.5 HTML forms

2.6 SVG

2.7 CSS

2.8 JavaScript and DHTML

2.9 XML tutorials

2.10 PhP tutorials

2.11 Web applications

2.12 Design and usability

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