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1 Introduction

This page is used to test some mediawiki stuff, in particular extensions. Some code in here may not work because the extension is disabled for various reasons. Testing ONE.

Testing a new file caching config - july 2013

an external URL tecfa

1.1 Collaboration diagram

Two pages <collaborationdia page="Cognitive_apprenticeship;Writing-to-learn"/>

One with a namespace (will break)




3 Shoutbox test

Extension from http://jimbojw.com/wiki/index.php?title=ShoutBox_Extension


Problem is that anyone from any site can read/post to this id. It would be a good idea to use this code and use a proper php shoutbox something. I have to decide whether to enable or disable yet. Disabled for the moment ....

4 PageBy test

Default <pageby/>

All minor edits, but no comments <pageby comments="false"/>

No anon, no comments, no creation <pageby noanon="true" comments="false" creation="false"/>

5 AnyWikiDraw test


Breaks, can't find the file.

6 Math

The math tag allows to enter complex latex formula.


Note: Some functions do not seem to work. Probably needs some custom installation. Failed to parse (unknown function "\oiint"): \displaystyle\Q{}{t}\iiint\varrho d^3V+\oiint\varrho(\vv\cdot\vvec{n})d^2A=0

7 MetaUML test

This extension was killed for security reasons .... but may be back some day

Test for the uml tag

<uml redraw> Begin.b; Activity.eat("Eat something good", "from the kitchen"); Branch.enough; Fork.fork("h", 50); Activity.read("Read a book"); Activity.listen("Listen to music", "(and ignore it)"); Fork.join("h", 50); End.e;

leftToRight.top(10)(read, listen); Group.readListen(read, listen);

leftToRight(30)(b, eat); topToBottom(20)(eat, enough, fork, readListen, join, e);

drawObjects(b, eat, enough, fork, readListen, join, e);

clink(transition)(b, eat); clink(transition)(eat, enough); link(transition)(pathStepX(enough.e, eat.e, 80)); clink(transition)(enough, fork); clink(transition)(fork, read); clink(transition)(fork, listen); clink(transition)(read, join); clink(transition)(listen, join); clink(transition)(join, e);

item(iGuard)("still hungry")(obj.sw = enough.e + (20, 0)); item(iGuard)("had enough")(obj.nw = enough.s + (0, -4));


8 Graphviz extension test

See version 22146 (18:52, July 10 2009) for more code....

8.1 CoUML

This is a graph with borders and nodes that may contain hyperlinks.
About this image

9 Top contributors

<topcontributors />

10 various tests

Bla bla bla bla test after crash .... sandbox2 .. for wilder tests

test after recompil de mysql

Testing my new name: Daniel K. Schneider

Testing (Access restricted)

testing IP registration in recent changes log

11 template test

He said “ no ”

Is this true ???

I don't believe this:

  • bla
  • bla

That's it

Here is some text:

dfsajaéfdlkfdaj éadflkjfda adfjfdaélkjafd

I don't believe this:

  • bla
  • bla

That's it

(Access restricted)

12 Slides extension test

  • Code commented because CSS problems
a    b     c  d
d -> e

Les wikis sont

13 Images test

13.1 A big svg picture

SVG test - This seems to work (needs a better ImageMagik installation or something ...)


13.2 SVG as a thumbnail

SVG thumbnail

13.3 Testing of a new ImageMagick install

ok seems to work

14 Infobox Software test

bla bla here is some text bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text, and more

Design Research Overview.gif
This is the caption
Maintainer: DKS
Latest release: 2 / yesterday
Preview release: 3 / yesterday
OS: Most
Platform: ALL
Use: virtual
License: free
Website: http://tecfa.unige.ch

Bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

bla bla here is some text

Example: Yoyodyne
Maintainer: Yoyodyne Industries Inc.
Latest release: 0.9 / January 1, 2006
OS: Windows
Use: Game
License: open source
Website: http://www.example.com
Example: mini test
Maintainer: Yoyodyne Industries Inc.
Latest release: 0.9 /
OS: Windows
Use: genreless useful
Website: http://www.example.com

15 Infobox Software 2 TEST


A screenshot of GIMP version 2.2.8 running under Ubuntu Linux
Maintainer: The GIMP Team
Stable release: 12 [+/-]
Preview release: Template:Latest preview release/GIMP [+/-]
OS: Cross-platform
Use: Bitmap graphics editor
License: GNU
Website: www.gimp.org [1]
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