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Although we always try to point to at least some open content documents, it is a fact that most academic literature is access restriced.

Usually these sites let you at least consult a short abstract.

Before you give up:

  • If you are an academic, make sure that you consult the site from your workplace or through a VPN from home. Your institution may have an institutional subscription which gives access to all users from the same Internetnet domain (many students DSchneider met are not even aware of this).
  • You also may consider to become a member of some organization. Usually memberships are not that high for individuals and you get a free subscription for at least one quality journal in addition to several other benefits. Consider for example AECT and ISI
  • Before you pay a single article which can be quite expensive, search the names of the authors on and you may find a preprint or something similar in an open access joural. Else do the same with google or an other standard search engine.