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The eTeach-Net Project

eTeach-Net was a joint Swiss Virtual Campus project involving 9 higher education institutions in Switzerland (UniGE, UniSG, UniBS,USI, ETHZ, SUPSI, BFH, FHNW, ZFH) and also training organizations.

The major objective of the project was to develop reusable teaching modules and materials about technical, pedagogical and didactic concepts of e-teaching. These modules and materials have been integrated into the curricula of postgraduate studies and continous training offers. The main outcomes are:

  1. A sequence of several modules about e-learning. These are used in courses for the International Engineering Educator Diploma and for continuous training events. (ING-PAED IGIP).
  2. An other focus was to develop a framework for action learning and problem-based learning. It is implemented in various courses at BFH e.g. in courses on information and project management.
  3. The project leader focused on project-oriented learning but also on educational technology in general. Materials are available through this wiki (and its french version). They are used for educational technology education in TECFA's Master of Science in Learning And Teaching Technologies.
  4. A last focus was on strategy and quality. Modules developed are used in scientific staff training (ETHZ/UZH) but also in degree studies (FHNW).

Technology used: Various learning management systems (e.g. Moodle or Blackboard Vista), read/write/collaboration systems such as this wiki or customized portals (e.g. Sharepoint). We produced materials in various formats, ranging from powerpoint presentations to standardized learning objects.

A list of topics that were covered in various modules and materials produced:

  • General Introduction to eLearning
  • Overview of instructional design methods and models
  • Collaborative Virtual Lab Environments
  • Multimedia techniques
  • Authoring of e-contents
  • Design & Management
  • Tutoring & Collaboration
  • Action learning and Problem Based Learning
  • Project-oriented learning
  • Strategy & Quality

Module 7 "Virtual Projects"

This Wiki has been set up for the Module 7 "Virtual Projects" course. Projects have become the common element of almost any work activity. The module introduces methods and tools for the efficient organization and management of project-based teaching. The principal role of this Wiki was to provide initial definitions of major concepts related to project-oriented learning. Students are engaged in various kinds of activities supported by other environments. But they also have to contribute in one or another way to these wikis.

E-learning certificate

Master of Science in educational technology

This wiki is used in various ways throughout TECFA's MSc MALTT (Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies), e.g.

  • 6 credit "independant study" course - Help:Staf2x (Summer semester 2006 / TECFA's Master MALTT in Educational Technologies). This course was implemented a simple writing-to-learn design, i.e. students worked on concepts in this wiki
  • The STIC:STIC_III 6-credit MALTT course, 2007/2008 edition is about Flash (All teaching materials are in this wiki)

A side-effect

I decided to use this wiki for other courses too. Read more in EduTech Wiki - an all-in-one solution to support whole scholarship? about "whole scholarship" and using one tool for several purposes .... - Daniel K. Schneider 17:52, 1 October 2008 (UTC)


The module 7 team was: Daniel K. Schneider (eTeach-Net and module 7 project leader), and Stephane Lattion (left TECFA) and Kalliopi Benetos (became coordinator e-learning certificate). Roberto Ortelli (eTeach-Net coordinator) has left on Mai 2006.