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An STL editor can

  • repair STL files, e.g. fill holes, repair flipped triangles, bad edges, etc.
  • Merge STL files
  • Create STL files from other formats
  • Do some simple constructions, e.g. subtractive geometry or adding simple parts.

STL files are used in 3D printing.

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STL specific
  • Netfabb Studio (free) and Netfabb Pro (expensive). Netfabb was the first easy to use commercial product.
  • Magics from Materialise
  • Meshmixer. A free tool from Autodesk for meshmixing, sculpting and support generation. If your slicer cannot produce a good support structure, try this. Also useful to eliminate useless internal structures. I also includes a sculpting tool.
All-in-one tools
Other tools that could be useful