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Embroidery designer is a mobile visual programming environment to create computerized embroidery designs, initially launched under the name Code’n’Stitch. “The Austrian FEMtech project “Code’n’Stitch” (2018-2020) was a two-year funding program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology to promote equal opportunities for women in research and technology and to increase awareness and visibility.” [1]

“Do you want to be creative and at the same time learn coding in a playful way? Do you also like to create things that you can use, wear, and really admire right afterwards? With Embroidery Designer you can, without any prior experience, program an embroidery machine that will automatically embroider your design on a T-shirt, bag, pants, smartphone case, or even your shoes. Basically, stitching is possible on everything that is made of fabric. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity! [...] Catrobat --- https://www.catrobat.org/ --- is an independent non-profit project creating free open source software (FOSS) under AGPL and CC-BY-SA licenses. The growing international Catrobat team is entirely composed of volunteers and is constantly working to expand the features of Embroidery Designer and many other Apps.” (Embroidery Designer/Google Playstore, retrieved March 29 2022.

See also:

  • turtlestitch, a browser application with similar aims
  • pocket code, the mobile programming framework of the catrobat project.


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  1. Spieler, B., & Krnjic, V. (2021). Creative, Engaging, and Playful Making-Activities with Smartphones and Embroidery Machines. In FabLearn Europe / MakeEd 2021 - An International Conference on Computing, Design and Making in Education. New York, NY, USA: ACM. https://doi.org/10.1145/3466725