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1 COAP 3120 Week 6 program

Administration / grading

  • Mid-term feedback
  • The students who uploaded to homework 3 (web site/zip file version) should upload their report to hw3 (alt) sorry. Otherwise you should have provide a link to the report.

Main topics:

  • Positioning
  • Z-index
  • Layout
  • Specific layout items: e.g. Menu buttons

1.1 Monday

Playing with absolute and fixed positioning.


Classroom activities

(1) Create a quick sketch of page on paper

(2) Start implementing it

Example files:

1.2 Wednesday

  • Project 6 continued
  • Some more CSS: vertical alignment and pseudo-tags for links.

1.2.1 Homework 6

Project summary:

(1) Create an HTML landing page that is non "standard"

  • Position various elements on the page using absolute positions
  • Include a fixed (scrolling) element

(2) A short report describing and discussing your design


  • Create a single HTML page that could serve as landing page (e.g. a home page or a topic entry page)
  • Include elements that are absolutly positioned with respect to a "main" container.
  • Include at least one fixed element
  • Be creative

The short report:

  • It should shortly explain your design, e.g. what you aimed to achieve for all media !
  • It should include references/sources used. Be careful to respect general Webster rules about plagiarism.
  • It should shortly explain what you did in your CSS.
  • It should point out problems you encountered.
  • You can use any format for the report (e.g. HTML, PDF or Word).

Examples HTML+CSS:


  • Wednesday week 7 before class


  • Upload (a) the HTML file, (b) the CSS file(s), (c) all the picture files and (d) the report to the world classroom (hw 1). Creating a *.zip file of everything is the easiest solution.
  • Make sure that the upload worked (e.g. don't forget to hit the submit button)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Requirements (presence of CSS elements) - 20%
  • Visual design / originality - 30%
  • Usability - 10% (is the text readable ?)
  • Technical quality (CSS structure and documentation, valid HTML and CSS) - 20%
  • Presence and quality of the report - 10%
  • On time - 10 % (only 2 days late = 5%)

1.3 Reading