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1 COAP 3120 Week 1 program

1.1 Monday

The work environment

  • The World Classroom (you need your connections login, ask the librarian for help)
  • EduTechWiki
  • Software (see the main page)

Tell us what kind of page you like

  • Find a page you like and tell us what you like. If you can't find any, have a look at
  • In case you already are familiar with CSS, tell what you would like to learn.

Introduction to HTML and CSS

  • Hands-on introduction to HTML and CSS using the Komposer software
  • Using the Code burner extensions
  • Chapter 1, Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
  • Chapter 2, The Bits that make up a Style Sheet

1.2 Wednesday (canceled)

  • This lesson is canceled (Instructor absent). See you on Monday week 2.

1.3 Homework week 1

None. However, students who never did any HTML should try to catch up a little with HTML.

Read one of (your choice)


  • Try to create an HTML page with composer and look at the source code. Make a few modification to the HTML code and see what happens.