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Week 8 COAP 2180


  • Tour de XML (see week 7)
  • Term project presentations
  • Course evaluation
  • Work on term projects and/or exam preparation

Term project

The term project must include:

  • A DTD that models a "domain of your choice". This domain should be somewhat text-centric, i.e. one must be able to display the data in a meaningful way with an XSLT stylesheet.
  • An extensive XML test file
  • Rendering in HTML + CSS via XSLT, therefore an .xsl and (optionally) a .css file for the resulting HTML
  • An XML Schema (XSD) that adds one or two data constraints (but models exactly the same XML contents as above).
  • A report/documentation in HTML, PDF or Word format (at least 1/2 page, but more if you aim for a top grade)

Other constraints

  • All elements can be revisions of prior homework
  • Prior to turning in the project, the instructor must validate a draft DTD if the project is different from one of the prior homework. This is to prevent both failure and cheating...

Presentation in class

The project must be orally presented on Monday week 8, no powerpoint is needed or wanted. Roughly, follow the following steps

  • Explain the purpose of the application
  • Explain DTD and XSD modeling, i.e. its main features. Display both.
  • Show a XML test file.
  • Discuss rendering strategy with XSLT (look)

Use the worldclassroom to upload these files (a space will be provided) or bring your own memory stick.


  • Presentation in class on Monday week 8. You must be present on Monday or face 20% off the grade for the term project.
  • The final version can be handed in by Saturday 12:00 week 8.

Please upload 5 files (or more if needed, e.g. pictures)

  • XML file
  • XSLT file
  • DTD file
  • XSD file
  • Report

Final exam

The final exam will be conducted on Wednesday week 8

Topic: Some kind of quiz that covers the following subjects

  • XML principles
    • XML well-formedness and validity
    • Use cases of XML (e.g. different types of XML applications, well-known applications as the ones I demonstrated in Tour de XML)
  • XSLT basics, in particular:
    • Use of simple XSLT templates
    • Selective processing (reordering/information filtering)
    • Insertion of links and pictures (use of xsl:value, {...} and simple XPath)
    • Basic XPath
    • Some HTML and CSS
  • XSD tutorial - Basics. You should be able to add some not too complex constraints, e.g.
    • min/max constraints on numbers
    • define a lists of fixed terms a user can choose from
  • Static SVG and some SVG animation
    • Basic geometry and main properties such as position, fill, stroke, color, ...
    • Using the animate tag (only this one)

Also make sure to understand how to use the Exchanger XML Editor or another editor with respect to XML, DTD, XSD and XSLT authoring and transformations.

Very late homework

  • Latest hour and date: Saturday 12:00, week 8