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1 Definition

  • Sometimes it also is used as synonym for educational videoconferencing, i.e. as a component of a design, not a design by itself.

2 Teleteaching designs

A key feature of a teleteaching instructional design model is e-instruction. Teleteaching is most often done in a class context (i.e. learners connect at the same time and can interact with the instructor). But they also may choose to look at archived sessions they can download. In addition, each learner will have to work on his own.

Teleteaching according to the SCIL eLearning compontents framework

Of course, such a instructional framework can be combined with others. I.e. it is possible to engage learners of a distance teaching class in other activities, e.g. collaborative work through a wiki. Modern instructional design models like 4C/ID or First principles of instruction advocate the use of different strategies.

3 Technology

For Videoconferencing
In addition