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1 Introduction

A groupware, also called collaborative software, is a software that supports multiusers tasks on the same platform. Instead of a workflow processed-centered task, groupwares enable a workflow information-centered task in which all actors can access and modify an information.

Groupwares aren't only softwares that permit to share and access the same information. Groupware also includes:

  • document sharing and document management
  • group calendaring and scheduling
  • group contact and task management
  • threaded discussions
  • text chat
  • data conferencing and audio and videoconferencing
  • workflow, which allows messages and documents to be routed to the appropriate users, is often part of a groupware system.

2 Typology

Here is a not so complete typology of different kinds of systems (including a few examples)

.... in fact, most portals can be used as groupware.

3 Resources