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1 Definition

There is no generally accepted definition.

In the 2000's integrated learning usually refers to a pedagogical design that integrates a rich set of teaching, learning and technological components. In particular:

  • Integration of different pedagogical strategies, including individual, group and class work
  • Integration of direct teaching, presential learning activities and distance work
  • Use of different technologies
  • Integration of theoretical and practical (e.g workplace) knowledge.

A CSCL researcher offers a similar view: “Integrated learning refers to the organic interleaving of computerized activities (e.g. simulations, forums, exercises) with the diverse activities that occur in 'on-campus' courses (e.g. lectures, exercises, practical work, or even field trips). These activities are integrated from a pedagogical viewpoint, as they constitute a consistent scenario or script. They are also integrated from a computational viewpoint as they are related by some kind of workflow environment (e.g. results of teamwork with the simulation are synthesized for a subsequent class-wide argumentation seminar)”. (Pierre Dillenbourg)

Some adult education literature uses the concept of integrated learning to describe blended learning scenarios that integrate both school and authentic (e.g. workplace) settings.

See also: blended learning (some views of it come close to our definition), Ubiquitous learning (one form of integrated learning), some technology-enhanced classrooms (in particular computer-integrated classrooms.

In particular in the UK, integrated learning in the 1990' referred to entirely different object. E.g M. Baker defined an “Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) [as] computer-based systems for the delivery of curriculum material, via an individualised programme of study. ”. In this wiki, unless otherwise stated, we will not refer to ILS when we use the concept of integrated learning.

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