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1 Definition

  • ADDIE = Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation"
  • ADDIE = Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate"

2 Components

Although one may call a component a phase, the five components of ADDIE are not necessarily linear, you may have to come back to any one at any given time.

2.1 Analysis Phase

  • Defition of the audience
  • What is the problem?
  • Tasks and Learning needs analysis
  • Identification of constraints
  • ...

2.2 Design Phase

  • Analyse subject matter in depth
  • Identify objective, i.e. competencies (skills, knowledge, attitudes, etc.) to be achieved. See learning types.
  • Identify a sequence to meet these objectives
  • Create learning scenarios for each subject objective
  • Identify kinds of learning materials and tools needed

2.3 Development Phase

  • do it :)

2.4 Implementation Phase

  • use it
  • You may have to train both teachers and learners
  • Insure delivery, e.g. through an LMS, a book, CD Rom,

2.5 Evaluation Phase

  • Evaluate the design. See Design methodology.
  • Build measurement tools, monitor implementation, and evaluate measurements to baseline. This phase is performed throughout the entire process.


ADDIE could be viewed both as a component and a phase model as shown by the Nicolas Tsapatsoulis' drawing. Addie, when created around 1975 was first a waterfall model and then gradually evolved into a more dynamic one.


In more recent times, the US army interprets ADDIE as a non-linear model.

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5 References

  • Donald Clark (2000), Introduction to Instructional System Design, web site. Recommended on-line introductory handbook.
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  • U.S. Department of Defense (1975). Interservice Procedures for Instructional Systems Development Model. TRDOC Pamphlet 350-30. August, 1975. This is one of the first texts on ISD. The ADDIE model is presented on page 26ff, however the "Evaluation" is called "Control", i.e. that would make it "ADDIC"