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Tools to make a busy teacher's life more manageable.

(this is very provisional. I just made this entry to remind me to investigate this - Daniel K. Schneider 20:07, 3 May 2007 (MEST))

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Provisional categories

Lesson planning
Organizing class work, monitoring and grading
Course preparation
  • Various paper-based forms that either students or learners can fill in
  • Worksheet generators
Real-time presentation tools
  • Some presentation tools allow for some sort of annotation
  • On-screen annotation tools
  • Electronic whiteboards or shared whiteboards.
Integrated software
  • Integrated course book/course/manual grade book tools like TeacherTool
  • Any sort of flexible CMS (e.g. a blog, wiki, a LMS) can be used for this
Physical teacher tools



  • LehrerOffice Swiss German commercial product.
  • Teacher Productivity Tools Classroom Software Collection
  • Quiz & Test Creation Tools Assessment Authoring Tools Collection
  • TeacherTool, “an iOS-App that effectively supports and simplifies your administrative and organizational work as a teacher; it is an electronic teacher’s calendar, grade book and course register” , retrieved 12:37, 10 October 2012 (CEST). As of oct. 2012, there are two versions: TeacherTool One and TeacherTool Flex. The latter allows to adapt TeacherTool to your own personal requirements and to only pay for what you really need.