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Amazon Mechanical Turk Documentation  +, Amazon Mechanical Turk Getting Started Guide  +, My gruelling day as an Amazon Mechanical Turk  +
Bat Detective  +, Become a Bat Detective  +, Website calls on people to become 'bat detectives'  +
Celebrate Urban Birds! A gateway to science for all.  +
teest articel 1  +, test article 2  +
Designing Games With a Purpose  +, Improving Accessibility of the Web with a Computer Game  +
"Einstein@Home All Sky Search"  +
EpiCollect: Linking Smartphones to Web Applications for Epidemiology, Ecology and Community Data Collection  +
Treuille On EterRNA - A Game Played By Humans, Scored By Nature  +
EveryAware D1.1: Report on: sensor selection, calibration and testing; EveryAware platform; smartphone applications  +
Evolution MegaLab: a case study in citizen science methods  +
.Participatory monitoring of poaching in the Congo basin  +, Making local knowledge matter: supporting non-literate people to monitor poaching in Congo  +, Participatory Mapping in Congo-Brazzaville (Part 1)  +
XTribe: A web-based social computation platform  +
Open Air Laboratories (OPAL): a community-driven research programme. Environmental Pollution  +
Developer's Guide  +, High Transcription Accuracy  +, Labeling Images with a Computer Game  +,
Crowd-sourced computing platform reaches one trillion events  +
XTribe: A web-based social computation platform  +
Scientific American launches Citizen Science Whale-Song Project, Whale FM  +, The Whale Song Project (Whale FM)  +, Whale.FM: Where Citizen Science, Whale Songs and Education Come Together  +
A generic platform for ubiquitous and subjective data  +