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As of June 2009, news are posted through our wikilog (wiki blog/bliki).

  • April 2009. Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.39.6 (1ccdb15). Added the book collection extension made by PediaPress.com. Please don't abuse this feature and consider buying a book from this friendly company. I may remove this extension again until we get a much faster server. Creating a large book really puts a big strain on the CPU (load averages above 10).
  • Sept. 27 2008. Added a file cache and re-enabled the guestbook with a captcha spam protection. If the file cache will act strangly I'll remove it again.
  • September 4 2008. Moved edutechwiki to another machine to make it a bit faster. Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.13.
  • June 2008. EduTech Wiki - an all-in-one solution to support whole scholarship? (PDF), a best practice paper for EdMedia 2008. There are also slides (PPT). This is my first paper about EduTech Wiki :) - DKS 19 June 2008.
  • March 2008: Upgrade to MW 1.12, more extensions added, e.g. "who is online", Graphviz, Edit Warning.
  • September 19 2007: Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.11, fixed SVGViz to work with this version, removed the Java visualization (it was getting too big), added "Print as PDF" and some more extensions.
  • What other say. Spent 2-3 hours on looking at links and Google statistics about this place - DKS 8 December 2007
  • September 2007: New version of SVGViz. I also started using this wiki to write tutorials (e.g. Flash tutorials).
  • July 5 2007: Minor updates of SVGViz and JavaViz extensions (UTF-8 titles and DB prefixes fixed).
  • June 28 2007. Added a trail on top of each page. Works if a user is logged in (hopefully this is not too much resource gobbling).
  • June 25 2007. Romain finished the Beta 2 version of the Mediawiki SvGViz extension (follow this link for more information).
  • ICOOL 2007, June 11-14 - I prepared my stuff with this note taking tool - DKS
  • June 1 2007. Upgrade to 1.10.0
  • May 2007. Again Lamericaana's students contributed. Thanx :) How about calling her course "foreign language teaching 2.0" ?
  • Spring 2007. Several new users got a login and fixed mistakes (grammar and others). Thanx to all of you :)
  • June 6 - Beta version of SVG links visualization (see Visualize this article with SVG in the toolbox to your left. Needs Firefox (or IE6 with Adobe SVG plugin, IE7 may be trouble).
  • April 11 2007: Upgraded to version 1.9.3, added a simple quiz to account creation, killed all users that never edited a page.
  • March 28 2007: Added a Logo and link to our Master in Educational Technology (in french).
  • March 2007: Romain Sauvain is working on a new links visualization module in SVG. A first version (that uses Urs' webservice) is here. Admire the beauty of links! Works with Firefox or IE with an SVG plugin.
  • Feb 15 2007: Killed the squid server. There is some weird interaction with templates since the last upgrade
  • Feb 2007: EduTech Wiki is one year old, happy birthday !
  • December 2006: Sarah Guth's advanced level English course at the University of Padua contributed. Thanx !
  • December 12: Modèles, méthodes, normes et outils de ingénierie pédagogique (Séminaire, Université de Mons - Programme provisoire)
  • May 30 2006: Instructional Design Models and Methods (PDF)
  • June 6 2006: Talk "Les Wikis dans l'éducation et la formation" à Lyon I PDF ou HTML.
  • February 2006: Start of edutechwiki.